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Abbaccus Nyan Dokie

For National UNICCO

President  2014

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The launching of the

campaign in

Providence, Rhode Island

on April 12, 2014

These are just a few of the  people that attended the Dokie/Kpou Campaign launching program in Providence, Rhode Island last night, April 12,  2014---There was a lot of rice and other

food there, but there was no coup d' état or rice riot this time.

Senator and Mrs. Tom Grupee witness  campaign launching Ceremony

Mrs. Georgia Kokeh

offers closing Benediction

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Summary Statement about

what  happened  in

Providence during Dokie's Campaigning Ceremony

  • On behalf of the Dokie-Kpou national campaign team, we want to extend our profound thanks and gratitude to the entire citizens of Nimba County residing in the state of Rhode Island for a warm reception over the week end. We want to thank especially Hon. Patrick Miamen, the campaign manager for RI and Hon. Gabriel Wehjla, deputy National Campaign Manager for the Dokie-Kpou team for organizing a beautiful program. The Kparblee District women along with the men and women of the Zodo UNUCCO Chapter were exemplary in their hospitality and warm reception.

    The occasion was graced by the presence of numerous dignitaries. First and foremost, was Hon. Senator Thomas Grupee. (whose picture with his wife you see above). The senator stressed that he did not come to endorse a candidate but to take advantage of the gathering to speak to the people of Nimba. During a remark, he stressed that Nimba does not only comprise of Mah and Daan people, but other ethnic groups also make up the people of Nimba as well. He registered his dissatisfaction with what he has been reading on the Listserv.

    For her part, the Kparblee District Association USA women wing president, Ms. Rebecca Barshall, did not only grace the occasion, but pledged the women of KDA’s full support for the dream team and promised to be in MD in full with the women of KDA. She promised that they will do all within their power to ensure a landslide victory for the team. Ms. Barshall concluded by donating a huge initial financial contribution to the campaign.

    Another important personality at the occasion was the Kparblee District Association, KDA-USA, Inc. national queen, Her Majesty Ms. Ruth Alice Urey. The queen did not only endorse the Dokie-Kpou team, but made some substantial initial financial contribution to the campaign. 

    Another big endorsement was from the honorable Ms. Vonyee Dahn, president of UNICCO RI. She pledged her chapter’s massive support and she did make some substantial financial contribution as well.

    That was followed by the team from Massachusetts; the president of UNICCO Massachusetts, Hon. Newton Sahn who traveled for miles to attend the lunching. She was accompanied by our energetic  Massachusetts campaign manager Ms. Martha Wonlah. Mr. Sahn endorsed the Dokie-Kpou team and pledged his chapter’s support. The president also made some healthy financial contribution as well. For her part, Ms. Wonlah pledged to bring the state of Massachusetts to the convention to usher in the dream team.

    ​Also, present was one of the founding fathers and senior citizen of Nimba County, Hon. Cooper Teah. While making a remark during a rally, Mr. Teah cautioned all involved in the campaign process to respect each other and pledged his support for our team.

    ​The former president of the Rhode Island Chapter, Mr. Lawrence Barbell was also present to grace the occasion. He made some financial contribution as well.Our gratitude to all who took time off to attend the occasion. Thank you for your financial support as well. Willie E. DoelehFor the campaign team

Senator and Mrs. Grupee

Mr. Patrick Miamen & his Support group

Ms. Martha Wonlah,

The illustrious Campaign

Manager of MASS.

Hon. Gabriel Sarkpah Wehjla, JD.

The Master of Ceremony of the Century

Mr. Patrick Miamen,

Chairman, Dokie's Campaign, RI

The Unmoved Mover Who Makes Things Happen around here.

Mr. Jesse W. Spiyee

  • Speaking on behalf of the citizens of Kparblee District, the National President of the Kparblee District Association, KDA-USA, Inc. Mr. Jesse W. Spiyee endorsed the Dokie-Kpou team and promised that the people of Kparblee District will be there in MD to vote for Mr. Dokie and his team.

     Dr.  and Mrs. Adam Kar

  • Another dignitary at the launching was Dr. Adam Kar, former election commissioner of UNICCO National. Dr. Kar and his family pledged their moral and financial support for the team.

Seated at the Head Table

Ms. Rebecca Barshall

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