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Abbaccus Nyan Dokie

For National UNICCO

President  2014

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Declaring your support for the Dokie's/Kpou's Team

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Mr. Dokie and his team for UNICCO National Leadership,

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A Testimony about  Mr. Dokie's strong Leadership, Honesty and Accountability

  • REF: LEADERSHIP OF HONESTY & ACCOUNTABILITY Having worked along side with Hon. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie, who has served as President for the New Jersey Chapter of UNICCO for two consecutive terms and my capacity as his able Vice President, I am very pleased to express here unequivocally that, I have found him to be a leader who is very compassionate and genuine in addressing the needs of his people especially the citizenary of Nimba County. His ascendancy to the leadership of UNICCO, will create a new dimension for honesty and accountability in UNICCO at-large. Thanks. ​George M. Brown, Sr. 


  • The President of the Georgia Chapter, President Melleh Duarto endorsed Hon. Nyan Dokie for UNICCO National President.

    In a jammed packed room during his wedding on March 29, President Duarto pledged his support for the Dokie-Kpou team because he sees substance and a better future for UNICCO if this team takes on the helm of leadership in UNICCO.                                                                                                                     

    Thank you President Duarto for your endorsement and Congratulations on your grand style wedding. We wish your new family peace, love and prosperity. Meanwhile, the Dokie-Kpou team heads to Providence, Rhode Island on April 12, 2014 for a grand launching of the Campaign. We invite all supporters and well-wishers to join us at this all important occasion.


    Willie E. Doeleh,
    Campaign Chairman
    (On behalf of the Dokie-Kpou Campaign Team)

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  • When I saw the Picture of Mr. Nyan Dokie and his family on the Dokie /kpou campaign website, I saw a family that looks like mine and I got attracted to the genuineness in the various faces that represent that family. The Nimba community in the diaspora, especially the community that represents Nimba in the continental North America, needs a genuine person as a leader who speaks from the heart with very clear intention to deliver on promises. We need a leadership team that will first of all realize and recognize that UNICCO is a family organization and that Nimba is a community made up of one family yet with varies ethnic groups working together.

    Secondly, Nimba needs a leader with open mind who looks at all Nimbaians as one group of people with one destiny  regardless of ethnicity, family orientations, sectional or geographical positions.  Nimba needs someone who will unite our people; whose leadership will appeal to every member of our community; someone who can work with everyone  regardless of who that person is or what religious affiliation that person has.

    Realizing that Nimba is at a crossroad of socio-political, and a slow but emerging economic system that is plagued with  the lack of good leaders or with a group of leaders that are very closed minded who do not understand the meaning of unity in diversity. I would like to endorse the candidacy of Mr Nyan Dokie for the Presidency of UNICCO come may this year.

    Mr. Dokie is someone that is known in this community as generous, self-giving, and a very good person who has worked with many people and leaders in the past without any complaints. From unsolicited testimonies, Mr. Dokie looks beyond tribal connection  in his dealing with people and in this election. He has publically announced that he is not going to call for tribal consolidation to have him elected  into  UNICCO’s highest office. Consequently, I like to call on all of my level-headed progressives in this community to turn up en mass to elect the Dokie/ Kpou team to the leadership of UNICCO. This is to all the brothers and sisters who sincerely believe in the unity of Nimba , those who don’t believe in one ethnic supremacy and those who believe in unconditional unity of our people.  Thanks.

    Alexander Miapeh Gandah
    Brooklyn Pk. MN


                                Endorsement by the

                                  New Jersey Chapter

  • During an installation program April 5, 2014  in Newark, the UNICCO NJ Chapter under

  • the leadership of Ms. Elaine  Blanton endorsed the

  • Dokie-Kpou team as the team to lead our dear

  • organization, UNICCO, for the next 2 years come May 26.

Congratulations, Ms. Blanton and team.
All I can say is, “DOKIE-KPOU ALL THE WAY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willie Doeleh
For the Dokie-Kpou Team

New Jersey UNICCO Chapter

Installation Program during which

time the Chapter endorsed the

Presidency of Mr. Nyan Dokie, Sr.


Endorsement of Dokie by

John N. Pearson

I first met Mr. Nyan Dokie in North Carolina  in 2011 while still  serving as
the president for unicco NJ chapter .  Over the years  I've gotten to know him as a God fearing man with a high level of respect for everyone he meets . I believe strongly
that Mr. Dokie will be the best person to lead our organization for the next 
few years because of his commitment to the community . 
I John Pearson President , Unicco Washington Dc. Metro chapter

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Additional Endorsements


    Some of you out there may be asking, "what is the importance of an endorsement in a campaign?" "Why should a candidate be endorsed anyway, and what are the benefits to both the candidate and the voters?"

    First, let me define the word endorsement. There are several definitions, but for our purpose,
    An Endorsement is "an act of giving one's public approval or support to someone or something."

    An Endorsement of a candidate speaks volume.  When a candidate is endorsed by a group or by a person or by a chapter of an organization, what that endorsement conveys is that the candidate that is being endorsed has the support of those persons, individuals, or institutions giving the endorsement.

    An endorsement is a testimony or witness that the candidate has been faithful, diligent, caring, honest, trusted, accountable, sincere, committed and devoted to whatever responsibilities that were assigned to that person on his watch.

    An endorsement tells the public that the endorser(s) have observed the character, behavior and activities of the one who is being endorsed.  It means that the candidate behaviors have been scrutinized, or monitored and the observers have found this candidate fit to exercise greater responsibilities because the endorsers are comfortable with the candidate's past performances.

    What benefit is this to the voters?

    To the voters, this should give them a vote of confidence because this candidate's character has been proven to be exemplary or a desireable model. This means that there are witnesses who have testified that this candidate will not walk away with their money, or hold on to power "till kingdon come." An endorsement provides voters' education information. 

    The voters are given the assurance that this candidate can be trusted, that he will not misuse the opportunity given him to serve his people.  People have observed him and known him from past experience that they can depend on this candidate to perform his duties well as he has done for them in the past. The voters who may not have known this candidate, will be comforted by the fact that even though they live in Minnesota and the candidate lives in New Jersey, where the voters may not live or know the candidate well, those in New Jersey who are endorsing this candidate, live with him, have observed him, they know his character and know about his past performances on the job and in the community; their words can be trusted.  Therefore, the voters will depend on the reliable words of those who know the candidate.  This is the information they need.  People do not like to buy pigs in a bag.


    Most people can do that.  But character reference is the most important and reliable index, yardstick, barometer or indicator, that substantiates, or provides evidence to support the fact that the candidate is worthy of our trust to be elected to lead us.

    Do not listen to those who tell you that endorsements are not important.  

    Do not listen to those who tall you that a platform is the only thing you need to
    choose a candidate.